Keto Friendly Cereals

3 Of The Best Keto Friendly Cereals

Saturday mornings were made for cereal and cartoons. As kids, there was nothing more anticipated than waking up, not having to go to school, pouring up a sugary bowl of fruity or chocolate-flavored crisps and binge-watching the most popular cartoons. It was heaven. Unfortunately, as a grown-up you probably skip the cereal and choose a more nutritious breakfast because you want to keep your physique and stay healthy, but what if there was a way to have yummy Saturday morning cereal and meet your protein and caloric goals? 

No, this is not a dream—You can have your cereal and eat it too. 

Magic Spoon Cereal

Magic Spoon has recreated the magic of childhood with their fruity, frosted, cocoa, and cinnamon-flavored O’s. However, their cereals aren’t your typical Saturday morning sugary treats. The nutrition facts on Magic Spoon’s cereal are perfect for grown-ups. Each box contains 12g of protein and 3g of net carbs—keto cereal alert! They beat traditional kid cereals by packing ten more grams of protein and over 15 fewer net carbs.

This high-protein cereal doesn’t stop with phenomenal nutrition facts, but Magic Spoon doesn’t skimp on taste either. One reviewer explains, “You’ve made peace with the fact that too many carbs in your diet just don’t work for you. You’ve tearfully said goodbye to cereal….*cue the hallelujah music* UNTIL NOW.” As former cereal addicts, several reviewers praise Magic Spoon for allowing them to reintroduce cereal into their healthy lifestyle. Another reviewer replaced her 16-year-old son’s regular cereal with Magic Spoon’s high-protein cereal and claimed her son lost 65 pounds. 

Not only is Magic Spoon helping people stick to their dietary guidelines, but their packaging and product is reminiscent of old-school cereals. Their boxes feature cartoonish figures that will catch any kid’s eye, and the vibrant pink color of their fruity cereal is sure to entice people of all ages. 

The founders of Magic Spoon, Greg and Gabi, met in college and were huge cereal fans. They searched for years to find a cereal with that same addictive quality that they had enjoyed in their childhood, but to no avail. During their research, they found that Americans eat 100 bowls of cereal per year and that kids are the largest consumers. They wanted to break the cycle of grains, GMO’s, and sugar. So, they decided to create a grain-free, sugar-free, high-protein, keto cereal that still brought back the nostalgia of Saturday morning—now you can let your kids indulge, guilt-free.

The Cereal School

The Cereal School

The Cereal School is schooling the cereal market—they’ve already sold out four times this year! According to The Spoon, the owners and creators of The Cereal School, Helen and Dylan, launched their business in August 2018 on Instagram without a marketing budget and they sold out within 72 hours—again, they are schooling the high-protein cereal game. 

Their cereal gives Trix and Kix vibes, aesthetically, while also catering to nutritional needs. After graduating from college, Helen and Dylan decided to limit their sugar intake, but they still craved the sugary goodness and the childhood comfort of cereal—as most do. They decided to reinvent their childhood favorites in a sugar-free, high-protein, keto cereal. 

The nutrition facts, coupled with the reviews about taste, seem to be an oxymoron—how can a cereal taste this good and have such fantastic nutrition? What kind of sorcery is this?—no gluten, no grains, no soy, no nuts, non-GMO, no artificial colors; what’s this stuff made of? Tapioca fiber is the key to making this cereal, cereal-like and their vibrant colors come from natural sources like beets and paprika extract—no voodoo here, just innovation. 

This high-protein cereal has other benefits too. It’s perfect for people on-the-go. It comes pre-packaged in small 22g bags that equate to one bowl of cereal. You can pack it with your choice of milk for an old school cereal lunch, or you can use it as a quick snack straight out of the bag. 

This high-protein cereal is a win; with customer approval and a modern business approach, they are bound to be around for a long time. 

Catalina Crunch

Did you love Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Honey Grahams as a kid? Are you searching for an adult version of these cereals? Or perhaps, your favorite cereal was chocolatey with a major crunch? Look no more—Catalina Crunch is here. 

Krishna, the owner, and creator of Catalina Crunch, admits that as a child he ate chocolate puffs every day for breakfast. At 17, he was diagnosed with T1 diabetes and had to give up his favorite breakfast because of the sugar and empty carbs they contained. He tried “healthy” cereals, but claims they all tasted like cardboard. He continually craved cereal and was fed up with not having tasty options. He needed a sugar-free cereal with no empty carbs that tasted delicious—Catalina Crunch was born. 

Not only does Krishna’s cereal meet his dietary requirements, but it is also a vegan and keto cereal with 10g of protein per serving. The brand is an advocate for customer health, and they stress the importance of using high-quality ingredients; they also promote being conscious of what you put in your body. They claim that their cereal will keep you fuller longer, helps you burn more calories, prevents overeating, and boosts your energy. Their non-GMO, nothing artificial, gluten-free, and grain-free product proves that they are serious about their claims. 

This nutritious, high-protein cereal comes in chocolate, cinnamon toast, honey graham, and maple waffle, and according to reviews, the amazing taste and satisfying crunch will leave you begging for more. 

The Keto Cereal Wrap Up

Keto cereal is surging Google Trends, and Magic Spoon and The Cereal School are leading the movement. Catalina Crunch is making noise on the keto cereal scene as well with thousands of Instagram followers and hundreds of hashtags with inventive ways to consume the cereal—yogurt or nicecream toppings, baked cereal bars.   

Adults no longer have to sacrifice cereal to eat healthy. Thanks to these brands Saturday morning are back; you can binge-watch your favorite cartoon and eat your favorite cereal—guilt-free. Now, all you have to do is decide which cartoon you’ll be watching and your old-school Saturday morning is underway. 

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