The Best Protein Chips – We Ranked The Top 6 Brands

Chips—an addictive, guilty pleasure, right? Not necessarily. We put together this guide to introduce you to the best protein chips we’ve had in 2019. Not only are these chips high in protein, they are here to prove that crispy, greasy, fried potatoes aren’t the only option for experiencing the salty, crunchy snacks we crave. Fortunately, there is a way that we can enjoy chips and get some extra protein.

Should protein chips be our primary source of protein? I wish, but they probably shouldn’t be. However, having them available for cheat days, a grab-and-go alternative to traditional chips, and boosting protein intake saves those of us who love chips—we are less inclined to indulge in snacks with no nutritional value. Let’s face it, we all need some flavor, crunch, and variety. If we don’t get that, we are more likely to “fall off the wagon.” Having a salty, crunchy alternative to traditional chips is one of the best ways for us to ensure success in our health goals. Protein chips allow us to enjoy the essence of chips without all of the guilt. 

With that being said, here are the top six protein chips starting with number six…

Simply Protein Chips

#6 – Simple Protein Crunch Bites

Simple Protein Crunch Bites are a plant-based pea protein snack, certified vegan, that packs 16g of protein in a 1.16 oz bag.  

Aesthetically, they resemble corn chips. The bites come in two flavors: Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper and Barbeque, and the two flavors are pretty evenly rated— but we’d recommend the BBQ if you want something that’s a little more flavorful. 

Other fans say the crisps are “delicious… amazing…worth purchasing.” However, some customers make a few small complaints like “too much pepper, not enough salt” or “good taste, but not quite.” You can’t please everyone, but Simple’s Protein Crunch Bites are a good option if you’re looking for something chip-like to snack on and you don’t want to crush your macros.

At 140 calories, no sugar, and a low glycemic index, they are worth a taste test.

ON Protein Ridges

#5 – ON Protein Ridges

With 15g of protein, crunchy texture, and a savory flavor, ON’s Protein Ridges offer great chip alternatives for gluten-free eaters. They are deliciously coated baked whey protein squares—never fried, packaged in 170 calorie, 1.38 oz bags at about $2.00 per pack. 

The sour cream and onion flavor are the two best. ON offers cheese and bbq flavored ridges as well as an intriguing honey sriracha flavor. Overall the protein ridges are good, but it’s not the most filling snack on this list. Ravenous?— this may not be the right protein chips for that. 

What’s impressive about the ON company is that they own and operate their production facilities. They pride themselves on being strenuous about their requirements for materials. If ethics and quality ingredients are factors, this protein snack may be a winner.

Protes Protein Chips

#4 – Protes Protein Chips (and Popcorn)

Protein chips and popcorn, anyone?

Protes offers some phenomenally outside-of-the-box flavors: spicy chili lime, tangy southern bbq, and zesty nacho. Their popcorn flavors consist of light butter, sweet cinnamon protein, and white cheddar. We know, we know… these aren’t chips, but they are worth a mention – if you like popcorn, and you want to stick to your macros, give these a try!

The chips are vegan and non-GMO. Each 4oz bag is packed with 10g of pea protein. The zesty nacho flavor has a “almost Doritos” like flavor and we are also fans of the BBQ.  Considering the macro count, we consider that pretty high praise.

IPS Protein Chips

#3 – IPS Chips

IPS chips are offered in sweet and savory flavors: barbeque, white cheddar, sea salt and cracked pepper, and cinnamon. 

One reviewer discussed his/her battle with cutting sweet treats during a weight loss journey. “The cinnamon and sugar chips are sooo good and help when I’m having a sweet craving.” IPS claims that that the “spicy warmth” of their cinnamon flavor is “perfect with morning coffee” – we just like it as a late night snack.

The chips are made with corn, egg white, and other all-natural ingredients. IPS chips have 30% fewer carbs than regular baked chips, and they are gluten-free. With no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives, us chip-loving-healthy-junkies rejoice.

iWon Organic Chips

#2 – iWon Organics

iWon gives us a variety of crispy, crunchy options: chips, puffs, and sticks. 

They don’t stop at texture options, but they hit us with genius flavors as well: red pepper, Tapatio, cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, nutless butter and jelly, sriracha, cinnamon french toast, sea salt, ranch, sweet dijon, mesquite bbq, spicy and sweet peppers, nacho cheese, and Tapatio jalapeno sour cream; flavor for days, right? 

The Tapatio, jalapeno, sour cream, and the nacho cheese sticks are the most popular flavors and we are partial to Tapatio if we could only pick one.

Every flavor gets pretty high marks in our books. With 10g of protein and 5g of fiber, they also check our box for nutrition. 

 All the chips are made with rice flour and pea protein. We highly recommended them for gym enthusiasts, athletes, and for people that just want a healthier snack option that tastes delicious. 

Quest Nacho Protein Chips

#1 – Quest Chips

And the winner is… Quest Chips!

Quest chips have everything we’re looking for in a savory snack— crunchy, salty, and cheesy. The whey and milk protein combo give the snack a whopping 18g of protein per serving; not to mention, the chips have only 1g of sugar and 4g net carbs. 

Quest claims to have revolutionized snack food with these chips by offering a delicious and nutritious alternative to junk food and we agree 100%. The Amazon crowd gives them a 4.5-star rating. Noting that the chips are “amazing” and a “low carb victory.” We’d go even further than a 4.5 based on the flavor options, macros, and overall taste – you won’t find a better high-protein chip option on the market right now.

The chips are available in “loaded taco, chili lime, ranch, bbq, sour cream and onion, and cheddar and sour cream. We recommend checking out BBQ, Sour Cream and Onion, or Loaded Taco – all three flavors are bomb!

People not only use them as a snack, but they use them as a gluten-free, low-carb alternative with their taco-style meals. We even heard about someone taking the chips to Chipotle and dumping their “bowl” contents on top of them instead of rice. 

The Quest tortilla chips are versatile and rated highly throughout The Internet—win-win.  

The Roundup

Protein chips are a great way to satisfy your chip cravings without crushing your diet. They are intended for snacking, satisfying our cravings, and adding some nutritional value in our cheat days— because no one wants empty calories. 

Also, for macro counters, protein chips are a perfect solution to reaching daily goals. 

If you’ve tried any of the previously mentioned brands, comment your experience below. 

If not, which brand or flavor would you like to try?  

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